Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful time this Thanksgiving visiting family in Kentucky.  Pictured above are Tony's parents, Tony's sister (Lisa) and husband (Ryan) with their precious children (Mercy, Derrara, Noah, Lauren, Beniam and Adam (not to mention our dog Titus :)
Beniam and Tony say "cheese".
Mercy is adjusting well to her new family.  What a blessing.  Please continue to pray for Ryan & Lisa and their ever-growing family.  Pray also for their family in Ethiopia.  Thanks.

Stay tuned for pictures and words from my recent trip to Southeast Asia...

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Rachel said...

Words would be insufficient in capturing the overwhelming warmth I felt when viewing this pic! Thanks for all of your postings and hard work to constantly update your blog! Look forward to seeing the children that God brings to YOU!