Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This fall semester I've had the humbling opportunity to co-teach a women's evangelism class at SEBTS with Dr. Alvin Reid.  During our class earlier this week, we hosted Dr. Reid's co-ebook-author, Ashley, (along with her husband, Cole) to share about their book:

The Book of Matches discusses a common yet specific struggle: relationships.  Written by a newlywed in her twenties and a seminary professor, this little book can help you sort out a few things in terms of relationships - with God, with friends, and perhaps one day, with a mate.

What a blessing it was to get to know Ashley, to hear her heart for knowing God and making Him known, particularly through fostering healthy relationships.  I strongly recommend this Gospel-centered book on relationships to anyone who has any (i.e. that would be everyone - ha!).  It's an ebook, which basically translates to 'e'xtremely practical and 'e'asy to read.  :)  The book will also be made available in print soon.  So, order your e-version today and order hardcopies to pass out to others later!  I pray you may be encouraged, refreshed and challenged by it as I was!

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