Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Day with Scott & Chrissie

We drove to the Windward side of the island in the morning and stopped at a scenic point for a cameo.  
We hiked 2 miles up to Mokapu'u Point for another breath-taking view.  Here is the lighthouse used during WWII.  There were bunkers all along the hillside. 
From the point you could not only see these little islands, but the island of Molokai as well.  This particular channel is a Humpback Whale Sanctuary.  They travel here during the months of January through March.
On our way back to the North Shore we drove up to the Nu'uano Pali Lookout where King Kamehaha drove his enemies off the cliff years ago.  Above is part of the incredible view.  We ate at Cholos again in Haleiwa before spending our last two hours of free time at Waimaea Bay.
Scott & Chrissie before their long trek home to Richmond, Virginia. 

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