Friday, July 11, 2008

Adoption Update

We've traded the jeep in for a minivan!

The Lord has blessed us with the above van as we continue to wait on His timing for our family. Our updated paperwork is on the way to Ukraine by way of our adoption agency in Birmingham!  At this point, we are waiting again.  Please pray that our facilitator in Ukraine will be able to submit our dossier to the governing officials there as soon as possible. We appreciate you and your prayers.  Have a blessed weekend!


John T. Meche III said...

Maybe I should have you talk to my wife sometime about the merits of the minivan. She won't hear them from me!

John T. Meche III said...
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JulieM said...

Congratulations! Minivans get a bad rap -- go ahead, be proud of yourselves! hee hee
Praying for you!

Leslie said...

Tony didn't say the van was RED! It's nice!!

I totally did not think that the sermon "tanked" today. I think Tony did a great job of communicating the message God gave him.

Love the blog...I may have to do one, too. I love to read others. Do you keep up with

Erin said...

Nice van! You'll love it. Chad and I got one 2 years ago, and it's been wonderful!

I love the red, it reminds me a little of Ohio State... Maybe we should trade vans, but ours is not a Michigan color.

Alan said...

We are also waiting to be submitted. Thinking of you and all of the families waiting to go over. This is not the way we would have planned it, but we trust in Him that this is best.