Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joys of Juggling

Monday was a true test of my juggling skills as a mother... ha ha... We all survived so I think I passed... :) I won't bore you with all the details since I'm sure the majority of you can relate at the sheer mention of it... The most exciting part of the day (*insert sarcasm*) was hearing the doctor's report for James, "Yes, he has Strep throat". He was such a trooper despite obvious discomfort. In the midst of it all, we enjoyed some one on one time together, a rarity with three little sisters it seems...
When we were waiting to been seen by the doctor, James pulled this silly thing out of his pocket and said, "Mama. Pirate. Arggh..." Hilarious and sweet little boy. Have I mentioned that he has stolen my heart?
Thank you for your prayers as the juggling continues... Pray that the rest of the Merida household resists what I call, "the spreading of the love" (i.e. germs!).

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Jamey & Catherine said...

I love checking up to see what the kids are up to these days. I found your site a long time ago while you were still in Ukraine. My daughter is the same age as James and from Kazakhstan. She met us almost 2 years ago. I know how you feel about juggling a household as well...with Oksana and her newborn baby brother Landon we are also trying to keep away the flu and germs. :) I was wondering, do your kids still speak Russian amongst themselves? I know Oksana would still like to speak Russian but its hard for her to remember because she doesn't speak it here at all. They are all just beautiful kids...I love to see the wonderful smiles on their faces in the photos!!!

We do have another blog that we update about Oksana its private though, if you are interested I can add you.