Friday, March 4, 2011

Field Trip...

Victoria and I took a field trip on Thursday to NOBTS to hear Tony preach, as well as visit some friends. Once again I was not the best photographer. It was fun to see the Follow Me bumper videos put to use again, this one with our friend Joab reading from Mark 8:27-38.
Oh, the joy of hugging so many sweet friends! Here are just a few...
(Ashley with her girls)
(My sweet friend, Stephanie, who I've adopted as a little sister :-)
(Victoria loves Miss Stephanie)
(Andrea & their beautiful newborn daughter!)
(Victoria wiped out on the way home)
Dr. Kelley sent us home with not one but two King cakes (one is for our church staff). I confess... I had TWO pieces last night! Oh my... Angela was the lucky one who had the baby in her piece. Now she and Eyasu each have one, ha. They are hilarious with them too, I might add...

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