Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We made it to Glorieta Conference Center in New Mexico yesterday just before noon, got checked in, then drove back to Santa Fe for lunch and Walmart run.  We made it back to our room around 2:30 PM (MST) and took a much needed nap.  Now we're adjusting to thinner air and beautiful weather (highs in mid-80's and lows in the 50's!). Upon our arrival to New Mexico, Tony stated that we've never done 'Fuge on the moon before... the landscape is very dry and scattered with cactus shrubbery.  It is beautiful though.
Last night was opening celebration for 'Fuge combo camp (X-Fuge, Centrifuge, MissionFuge and X-Fuge on Mission). There are hundreds of students gathered here this week from as far as Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and elsewhere to learn about Jesus and His Mission. We are excited to reunite with staff, ministers, students, and the band Addison Road.  Please pray for Tony as he speaks each morning and evening, as well as for all the leaders.  May the Lord make Himself known here in a powerful way for His Glorious Renown!  Stay tuned for pictures from our time here... 

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Dar2dv8 said...

Tony & Kimberly, Our girls are at Fuge this week with you ... from FBC, Biloxi. We were so excited to find out you would be camp pastor! We are praying for you, the leaders and the students.
David & Gina Gunn