Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick Trip to Virginia

Tony and I made a quick trip to Virginia to see family. My sister, Priscilla, had driven in town from Virginia Beach to say hello with my niece and nephew. It was a joy to see each other again since they recently moved away from New Orleans. Priscilla's husband, David, is now serving as an Army Chaplain.
Isabella Grace is growing up so fast!
David Isaac is as cute as ever (and into everything!).
Thursday night we double-dated with my parents to a Washington Nationals' game at the new Nationals' Park. Despite the terrible parking accommodations we enjoyed $20 hotdogs (just kidding) and the beautiful new ballpark... not to mention a victory over the St. Louis Cardinals!
My cute parents...
I slept in today while Tony arose early to go and study at Panera Bread. My Dad had business on the Hill in the afternoon, so I ran errands with my Mom. We ended the evening with steak, pictures' show-n-tell, and an episode of "John Adams". We've had a short, but very sweet time at home in Stafford. My sister, Jessica, (who is serving in Iraq), as well as my sister, Amanda, and her husband, Josh, were missed. We give thanks to the Lord for our family! May HE continue to grow us closer to Himself and to one another. Tomorrow we head back to New Orleans...

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Steven said...

Loser. Can't believe you didn't call. This seriously jeopardizes our friendship.

Nah, glad you had a great time. We were in DC all day Wednesday. How'd you like those storms?!

Looks like Hawaii was a treat, too.