Friday, December 18, 2009

Mexican Donut Day...

During the Summer of 2000, I had the privilege of working on the Centrifuge staff at Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. Beautiful setting for life-changing season in my life. This story has nothing to do with the spiritual side of life (ha ha), but our staff (full of comedians) coined names for each day of camp. Once a week, the fabulous cafeteria staff served us quite an odd combination of food items: donuts and taco bar. This day became known as "Mexican Donut Day". Well, this morning I am off to join one of my daughters for what I'm calling, "Mexican Donut Day"... hope I'm up for it - ha ha... I leave in 5 minutes to meet the bus at Krispy Kreme... later, we will end the field trip at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant... Interesting combination, but will be fun! My daughter woke up excited for her first ride on the big yellow bus.... I'm excited to spend the day watching her in action...

Meanwhile, here are a few glimpses of how our kids are doing in gymnastics... they love it! It has been tremendous in helping them develop discipline (particularly for James)...
(Above: Vica stretching in her silly socks; Below: Full of energy! Great place to burn some of it off - ha!)
(Below: Someone's sleepy...)
(Homework and/or play time while we wait)

(James was around the corner of eyeshot, but there are cameras to watch the other apparatus... He has come a long way...)

(Jana and Angela stretching and tumbling together... they love it... all four love their coaches too... grateful for this opportunity)

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