Monday, October 18, 2010

ORDER Yours TODAY: Defend the Orphan t-shirt!

To order, simply print this form and return the bottom portion with your payment to the address listed on the bottom. Shirts go to press this week (Lord willing) and should be available at your door next week! If you have complications with this form, please let me know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I am planning to order a shirt and have at least 2 friends who would like to order them as well. I'm still taking orders at my church here and will mail the form and a check early next week. Mail from Canada sometimes takes awhile (a couple of weeks), but it's coming! We're so excited and praying for you guys!

~Kim Simpson

Anonymous said...

Do you still have t-shirts for sale? I would like to order an XXL short sleeve in the Steel Blue color.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any t-shirts left? I would like to order a XXL short sleeve in Steel Blue for my upcoming trip to Uganda. Thanks.