Friday, March 12, 2010

"Love Mercy"... Coming Soon

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Jamey & Catherine said...

Hello again, I know this might sound strange but I was wondering if your girls or even James might be interested in having a pen pal? I am trying to find a creative way for my daughter to enjoy writing, reading, and making new friends and when I talked to her about the idea she sounded very interested. However, while I was searching for pen pals online I noticed that many of the topics that the kids are discussing are such things that we do not allow Oksana to participate in doing such as reading Harry Potter or other such books, watching certian televisions shows or movies etc. She loves watching veggie tales, Shirley Temple, Barbie and Hannah Montana movies, and is beginning to read "The Boxcar Children" with us here at home. She has a new baby brother and 2 dogs. She is 10 years old but is enjoying learning all the things she missed out on in the detsky dom such as nursery rhymes and stories and songs usually learned at much younger ages here. My email address is if you might be interested. I wasn't sure if she would enjoy emailing or snail mail writing more. (I always thought that having the letter arrive in the mail was exciting when I had a pel pal at that age)I am asking another family also if they might be interested, they have an 11 year old girl who was from Bulgaria and now she is living the the States. Hope to hear from you.

Catherine Wishart


Hello, my name is Ron and I am a
Christian blogger.

I enjoyed looking over your blog.
And you are more than welcome
to visit my mine.
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If I've posted this to your blog before
please forgive me, sometimes it ain't
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God Bless You