Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crazy Dayz

What a week it has been... A most inconvenient time for head lice to reappear - grrr. Half the week was spent washing laundry, medicating hair, knit picking (ha) and bug bombing the house. Fun times.

Today we are off to a wedding of a sweet couple who have ministered to us this past year, in many ways, but one big way is loving on our children through tutoring (Amanda) or babysitting (both Stephen & Amanda) while Tony & I had worship responsibilities. Praying God's richest blessings over this God-fearing, Gospel driven, Global minded pair! I'm hoping to snag a couple great pictures this morning since I have a great seat at the piano on stage - ha! Speaking of which, I need to do one more run through and get the kids dressed and ready to go!

All week as pockets of opportunity have presented themselves, we've worked to finish our educational requirements for this adoption process. Our agency sent us a package dubbed the "educational toolbox". It was great! Some helpful reading and assignments. Thought I'd share a little of my answers from Raising Adopted Children by Lois Ruskai Melina...

What type of feelings did the authors address that may be experienced after a child arrives home? Post-adoption depression (similar in some ways to postpartum depression with biological mothers); anxiety; fear; grief from the loss of an idealized version of a child; parental insecurity... It is important to anticipate these, prepare accordingly, understand as normal and deal with appropriately.

What is the length of time it takes for an adopted child to attach to their parents? Learned trust is the basis for attachment and takes more time and interaction between parent and child. The author writes that attachment is "a reciprocal process between parent and child that develops during the first year" together and "solidified throughout the relationship."

Name unrealistic expectations parents might have for themselves or their child after placement. Anticipating parenthood can lead to fantasizing and projecting unrealistic expectations on the child or themselves as parents. Examples include "expecting parenthood to bring a high degree of happiness" or the ability or expectation to be "super parents." Also, expecting the child's grief of loss to subside after only one year, instead "adoption issues are never completely put to rest."

And so on...

What a blessing and joy it is to be a part of another adoption journey! Looking forward to having our Joshua home!


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your lice...that has been my week too! UGH!! Olive oil treatments are my new best friend, look it up, they are great and are working!

aslan164 said...

Rinsing with white vinegar after every shampoo is helpful. Many web pages will confirm this, e.g.,