Friday, July 30, 2010

Ethiopia Here We Come!

It appears we fall into the category of "hurry up and get there" when it comes to our adoption travel dates! Ha! No complaint here, keeps life interesting and exciting! I'll never forget the 9 AM phone call on a friday saying we needed to be in Ukraine by Tuesday! This phone call was a little less dramatic, but we need to be in country by the 11th of August! Got the plane tickets squared away and now waiting to get the accommodations taken care of. We covet & deeply appreciate your continued prayers as we work out all the logistics of 4 children at home about to start school and 1 child overseas... :) We're coming to get you, our precious son!!!
Meanwhile, our sweet friends, the Knights (Pam was our Jana's 1st grade teacher whom Jana absolutely adored!), have 3 of our children out bowling AND Victoria is on a daddy-daughter date in honor of her upcoming birthday. She will be six on Tuesday - oh my! :)


Sarah said...

when I read the title of this post, I began to cry. I have followed your blog since your first adoption journey and am so excited about your new son!! Congratulations and I am praying for a safe trip. I can't wait to read about this journey as well.

Ren said...

Excited for ya'll! Will be praying for ya'll!