Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visiting with Promise139 Group...

Promise 139 is a non-profit organization in Southern
Mississippi formed by people that are passionate in
helping orphaned children. Our organization consists
of adoptive parents and others concerned with the
well-being of the fatherless. Our mission is to reach
out to the fatherless and make a difference in their future.
Promise 139 exists to provide a cultural exchange for
underprivileged orphans living in foreign countries. The
cultural exchange will be a camp-like experience, which will
coincide with their summer and winter breaks from school.
Friday evening we headed out to visit with a group of 6 orphans from Ukraine, along with their translators (friends, Sergai & Natasha) & orphanage 'mama'... food, fellowship & fun... our kids were excited to practice 'Russian' as we drove out... once we arrived, they didn't speak a word... ha... they have forgotten most of their birth country language... kind of sad... I'd love to learn the Russian language beyond the few short survival phrases acquired while living in Ukraine for 6 weeks last year...

Promises from Psalm 139

1. God knows me. (1)
2. God knows where I go. (2 & 3)
3. God knows my thoughts. (4)
4. God has put his hand on me. (5)
5. God is always with me. (7 – 12)
6. God has made me. (13 & 14)
7. God has made me unique. (15)

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