Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Such Troopers...

Ok, so these past few nights I've gone to bed with thoughts swirling in my head about all the things I want and need to blog about... however, the time to do so has escaped me... one day... meanwhile, here is a silly picture of my girls from this morning... such troopers! It is war of the worlds with louse bustin!
After running from a meeting Monday evening, I couldn't find any Nix in a couple stores SO we did baby oil with saran wrap for the night... now my girls are a bunch of grease heads.... but, let me tell you, my house is nice & clean with baby dolls in quarantine and the constant smell of laundry! :) So, I'm enjoying that aspect of this craziness. Repeating it all again in 6 days per doctor's orders - woo hoo! Meanwhile, tomorrow begins school registration...

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Melissa said...

It really helps to get the oil out if you put the shampoo (or dish detergent) in the hair before you add water. Just rub in shampoo and then add water until it gets sudsy. You may have to wash it 2 or 3 times, but that should get all the oil out.

I prefer olive oil, but have heard of baby oil too. You may also want to blow dry the girls hair. The heat helps kill the eggs that are still attatched. There is also a new method using Cetaphil Cleanser that you might want to use at the mid point of the 6 days.

Good Luck!! I have just fought this battle...so far day 21 and no sign of re-infestation!!

ps. Dress up clothes are a breading ground for lice. Make sure to wash and dry all of those :)