Monday, August 18, 2008

A Glance at the Past Week...

The past several days have been a whirlwind... (actually I think our entire summer was a whirlwind?)  Here is the nutshell: 
FRIDAY 8/8 - travel day from NC to New Orleans, grabbed dinner and our dog, then drove on to Hattiesburg around 9 PM where I did laundry while sleep walking; 
SATURDAY 8/9 - spent the entire day (with the exception of dinner with friends dreaming up ways to minister to orphans) house-hunting; 
SUNDAY 8/10 - a wonderful day of worship and fellowship with our Temple BC family;
MONDAY 8/11 - met with mortgage lender; Tony went to the Cheeseburger Classic Golf Tournament while Kimberly drove home to get caught up on paperwork;
TUESDAY 8/12 - discovered someone had hacked into Tony's iTunes account, stolen his debit card and charged nearly $450; While Tony spent the day in NOBTS Faculty workshops, Kimberly worked on the paper trail, as well as preparations for the weekend;
WEDNESDAY 8/13 - Following workshops, Tony headed back to H'burg; Kimberly's mother flew in for a brief visit; they worked on weekend preparations;
THURSDAY 8/14 - Kimberly & Nancy packed up and headed to H'burg for worship team rehearsal; Tony headed back to New Orleans for some errands;
FRIDAY 8/15 - Tony returned with his books in tow (and help from Philip Slusher) to H'burg, while Kimberly & Nancy worked at the church on last minute preparations for Saturday's women's event; Later, met up with friend and violinist, Stephanie Screen; All slept sound that night, though not for long...  

SATURDAY 8/16 - What a fabulous day of worship with sister and encourager, Liz Curtis Higgs! She brought glory to God through her joyous testimonies and presentation of the Word. She taught three sessions based on her book "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Flawed Women Loved by a Flawless God".  My personal favorite was her 3rd session on Leah.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was sweetly evident.   Also, it was quite an honor to be a part of the musical worship team... my first 'chick' band!  Thanks for all the work invested into hosting this event: women's ministry leaders, worship team, technical crew (our humble men who braved this all girls' gathering :).   It was a blessing!  As soon as we finished, Stephanie whisked my mother away to New Orleans to catch her 6:05 PM flight.  That evening, Tony and I enjoyed fellowship over a Seasons' meal with the search committees...

SUNDAY 8/17 - A glorious day of the Sovereign Grace of our God!  Tony was voted on and accepted the position of Teaching Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS!  We are incredibly humbled and honored to serve God in this capacity.  "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us for the glory of His Name!... May the peoples praise You, O God, may ALL the peoples praise You!" (Psalm 67)  
(Above is a picture of a souvenir sign from one of the choir members.  Several in the choir held up similar signs when it was time to vote.  What an experience. Thank you for your love and kindness.)

Titus is ready to live in only one place!  
We appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.  Love and grace to you all!


Erin said...

Kimberly, What a week or so for you all! We are praying for you and Tony as you make the transition. Welcome!

Russell Yearwood said...

We are soooo excited to have both of you here in Hattiesburg. God has truly blessed us all. Even the residents of Eastabuchie are excited.