Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friends & Future

     We enjoyed a quiet morning at our flat reading and preparing for the day.  Before meeting our taxi and translator, I checked my email and was blessed by the following note from one of my dearest friends.  Someone God put in my life during college.  What a gift the Body of Christ is to us!  Let us each consider how we may continue to spur one another on to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24).  Thank you Jodi and all who continue to spur us on...
Dear Kimberly,  
I am reading your blog at 4:30 in the morning, and my heart is so full for you that I am crying, my dear and precious, lifelong friend. I am so thankful for the bounty that GOD is giving you and Tony and for the fullness and beauty of your lives. The song that is playing over and over again in my mind is..."tis so sweet to trust in JESUS, just to take HIM at HIS word, just to rest upon HIS promise, just to know 'thus saith the LORD', JESUS, JESUS, how i trust HIM, how i've proved HIM o'er and o'er, JESUS, JESUS, precious JESUS, oh for grace to trust HIM more". I am crying and praising and praying with you and for you.  
I love you with all of my heart, Jodi
     During our visit today we spent the first 30 minutes playing with James and Grace on the playground.  They love hanging upside and all around on the monkey bars.  It is quite a nerve-racking sight at times (ha ha).  After we went inside we pulled out my laptop to show them some pictures to try and explain what's going on.  I had put a brief slideshow together to try and tell the story.  I started with a picture from the day we first met them followed by...
"Here is where you live now.  In a couple weeks (hopefully on May 1st) we will take you from this place..."
"... by airplane for several hours..."
"... all the way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi... Can you say 'Mississippi'?"  They did!  (By the way, notice how this mapmaker spelled our neighboring state... too funny)
"This is our dog, Titus."
"This will be your new home."

     I had pictures of some of the inside of the house, pictures of grandparents, pictures of each of the kids, and then ended with our family picture.  They enjoyed it and did a good job obeying "Do not touch."  :)  Meanwhile, many of you have asked when we will show you pictures.  :)  Our official court date is this coming Tuesday, April 21st at 10 AM.  Praying all continues to go well, we should then be able to post pictures after court!  Stay tuned and continue praying.  Thanks.

     The little ones were up from their nap at 4 PM and joined the excitement upstairs with us.  We gave them each a small pack of gummy animals.  They had fun (Sophia and Joy especially) identifying the animals and then eating them or feeding us - bears and rabbits.  Tony and I broke a sweat playing tag with one or the other on our backs.  At one point, Sophia and Joy were thirsty and had me walk them downstairs to their classroom for water.  The teacher poured a coffee mug of water.  While on my knees, the little ones handed it to me saying "Momma".  After I took a quick sip, they each took their turn, placed it back down on the table and grabbed my hands to go back upstairs.   

     After wearing ourselves out a bit upstairs, I pulled out my laptop again to show the pictures to Sophia and Joy.  James and Grace also joined us on the floor for the slide show.  Afterwards, they asked if my computer could do anything else (ha ha).  So, I played a couple songs on itunes and showed a little video clip.  They loved it.  They each want their own computer and television.  Yeah right.  :)  Actually, they did really well not touching momma's computer and paying attention.  
     It was time to go at 5:15 PM.  The little ones hugged and kissed us goodbye.  James and Grace wanted to walk us to our taxi, as well as show us their jump rope skills.  James keeps asking for a watch like Papa's and Grace wants her own jump rope.  Actually, Sophia asked for a ring, Grace and Joy asked for necklaces.  Everyday we have seen them they have worn the same smelly clothes.  Tony took a picture of Grace's shoes as you will see on his blog.  It is heartbreaking to watch their conditions and this orphanage is actually one of the better ones.  

     We are hoping to go to Kiev for just a couple days following court to visit friends, shop for a few clothes items and travel necessities for the kids.  However, we are struggling with the thought of leaving them behind for a couple days.  We are looking at the possibility of not getting to visit them for 3 or possibly 4 days.  I don't know if we can stomach it.  Our translator today said they told her they cry for us each night and look forward to us coming.  They ask everyday we leave, "Are you coming back tomorrow?"  So, I ask that you would pray for wisdom for us in this matter and peace, as well as understanding, for each of the kids.  Thank you.

     Thank you dear friends for your continued prayers.  I don't think we can ever thank you enough.  May God bless you and yours as you seek to know HIM (our Living Hope) and make HIM known.


Scott & Chrissie said...

Kim I have no words to say how happy I am for the new Merida family :o)...I can barly see because of my tears and my heart is so full and happy. God is so Good!!! We love yall so much, will continue to keep praying and can't waite to see the family photo! :o) Big Hug Chrissie

Elsie Hall said...

How sweet the word "momma" sounds!

Janice said...

I check the blogs and updates daily and pray more often than that! I am especially touched by the need to pray for the kids and for wisdom about the days to shop and prepare with a few days of missing the visitation. The Lord reminded me that HE IS ALWAYS with us even when we don't feel like HE is or can't see what He is "working out". I will pray that they will experience the peace they need to trust you to return. I will also pray for your peace and the ability to spend your days & time as God would direct. I know you will!

Sarah said...

I am so touched and moved by your alls story. Your children are so blessed.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted you to know that there is a group of MK's in Canada praying for you guys. I've been keeping up with your blog for a few months now and filled the kids in a bit this morning on what's going on. They were so excited for you! They asked all kinds of questions about the kids and then spent some time praying for you. Just thought you might want to know!

Kevin and Tammy said...

Please tell Ben that we said hello. We spent time with him at his house and went to church with him also. So wonderful to watch your interactions with the children. Congrats.
Tammy Huckabee

Patsy said...

Kimberly, Janice Porter wanted you to know she has little girl clothes for you Immediately when you get home. She was afraid her email would get lost in the midst of the others. Just call one of us.'
Patsy lewis

Leslie said...

Hi, Kimberly-
Some of my coworkers attend Temple and told me about your adoption. We adopted our daughter Kristina 16 months ago from Odessa, Ukraine (in country from October-Decemeber 2007).

Our family would love to minister to your family in any way we can once you return. If you ever need a local Russian translator or have any questions during the transition, we'd be happy to oblige (although we're no experts!). We will be speaking about orphan ministry at a church in Petal tomorrow. Here is a link to the video I made after my first trip to Ukraine:
I hope it blesses you. We will be praying for you on this journey!