Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

     It's hard to believe another day has past in visiting with James, Grace, Sophia and Joy.  Eight o'clock is quickly approaching and here we are, each on our computers, attempting to convey to all back home what today entailed.  In summary, so as not to hold you in suspense, it was a good day.  I must share first, however, that this morning I felt like we were living like the characters in the television show "Lost".  For those of you who are familiar with Ukraine (or any 2nd world country - if you will) and the TV show, you will understand...  The thought crossed my mind while enjoying last Sunday's Easter message online (it was a great message Rick, by the way!).  After some worship and Scripture meditation I returned to the kitchen in our flat for some coffee and felt as though I'd just experienced a time warp.  Boiling water for everything to eat or drink, hand-washing clothes, cardboard toilet paper, governmentally controlled heating units, temperamental electricity, potholes for roads, crazy drivers, worn out buildings, everything is brown... to name a few.  All that to say, "We look forward to bringing our kids home in the coming weeks!"

     We fixed soup for lunch and then were out the door for another visit.  We were warmly greeted by James.  He had been to church this morning and brought me a decorated egg with a card that read, "Christ is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!"  It was great.  We enjoyed a good 15 minutes with him before Grace could join us.  We allowed him to take some pictures of his classmates with our camera.  He had a blast (and so did they).  His teacher even struck a pose for him.  Meanwhile, Grace and her classmates were told they needed to wash their hair because they actually had hot water today.  So, Grace grabbed my hand and said "Momma, will you wash my hair?"  A handful of her friends stood around to watch as I washed her hair leaned over in the shower with a hose.  I had worn my hair down and it was precious as one of Grace's friends held my hair back while I lathered Grace up.  

     Today was a free day at the orphanage so there were kids running around everyone - creating a bit of chaos (ha ha).  Every child competes for our attention while our own attempt to fend them off.  One little girl keeps saying she is Grace's cousin and is going to America in a few days.  She is precious, however, her story is unfortunately not true... yet.  When the little ones awoke from their nap their teacher took us to another room for us to be together alone.  Although well intended, it was - for lack of a better word - crazy!  This room had workout equipment, large tables with corners at eye level for Joy and Sophia, and simply too many things that they were not to touch.  How do you tell children not to touch anything in a room full of interesting things?  I attempted to draw their attention to my computer with a movie, as well as some coloring books, but it only worked for about 5 minutes... then it was olympic child juggling.  When we had managed to peel the little ones away from the 'crazy room' and had hugged them farewell, James and Grace (and her little friend 5 steps behind us) walked us to our taxi to hug us goodbye.  What a wonderful day.  

     Please pray for one last piece of paperwork to be completed tomorrow with DHS back in New Orleans.  Lord willing, it will be completed and scanned to Lifeline and then on to Sasha our facilitator here in Ukraine just in time for court on Tuesday morning!  Thanks.


Candice said...

Continues to be amazed and in awe how God is still working. Each day seems to get better and better for you as you visit the children. The washing Grace's hair story got me I must say. Although it doesn't take much with this pregnancy, ha. Worship was great at Temple today! Praying for that paperwork to be completed and sent through.
love yall,
Candice Pfaff

BrendaStrider said...

I love reading your and Tony are both doing a beautiful job of making us all feel so connected to your journey! What a sweet day today must have been....between James's gift and Grace asking you to wash her hair, your heart must have been full! This mama stuff is great...little taste of heaven here on earth!! We will continue to pray that all details will fall into place and that your court date will go smoothly....can't WAIT to meet these sweet children!