Monday, June 8, 2009

First Day of VBS & Swim Lessons...

I'm sure you're hoping for actual pictures from VBS and swim lessons HOWEVER, I was too preoccupied to grab the camera.  So, here's a couple from lunch...
We grabbed Chic-fil-a "to go" and reconnected as a family after VBS...
A beautiful Blue Jay sat on the fence just outside the window while we ate singing his song that no doubt goes something like, 
"God is great, God is good;
Provider, Sustainer and Giver of food." :)
VBS went well this morning.  It was a little chaotic as we arrived a lot closer to the start time than I had planned.  Tony took James to the 3rd grade class while I had the girls.  I took Angela to the 1st grade class.  As she began to realize that I was not staying she began to cling to me.  Thankfully, dear friend, Stephanie Weathers, was teaching the crafts class and jumped right in with her own daughter to encourage Angela.  I let Jana stay with Angela which was wonderful.  Some precious student workers who helped with the 1st graders said they were hand in hand with each class rotation.  

Meanwhile, I took Victoria up to the Pre-School area for large group session.  We enjoyed some music and motions (she loves music and games).  When story time began, however, she began asking for "Angela.... Jana... Angela... Jana..."  So we relocated to Papa's office.  When we were spotted in the hallway by her sisters later they began whining for "Mama".  So, we joined them for recreation.  Like any good mother (insert playful laugh), when they were not looking I ran and hid so they would forget I was around and enjoy VBS.  Of course, all of the workers were quite aware that I wasn't going anywhere other than out of sight.  :)  They barely missed me.  When it came time to pick everyone up, they were all smiles and ready to go swimming.

After lunch, we headed over to the Thaggards' house for survival swim lessons and playtime.  What a blast!  Leah does a wonderful job of drawing the kids in and challenging them to learn.  I have two who are fearless and two who are more timid in the water.  All did well.  Victoria (the youngest) was in and out of the pool exploring the rest of the property (i.e. dogs, cats, play toys, AND the inside of the house!)  After an hour of swimming, and another hour on their playground and trampoline it was time to head back to our house.  

The three older had popsicles and bottled waters to cool down while the youngest spent some time in her room worn out from all the stimulation of today's events.  Looking forward to dinner, baths and bedtime to do it all again tomorrow!  

A quick THANK YOU to all who have been so helpful, as well as understanding, with our marvelous crew!  THANKS especially for all your prayers.  Please keep them coming!  Stay tuned for actual pictures from this eventful week!

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