Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it June Already?!.

Only a few more days with my mom in town.  I'm already dreading her farewell.  What a blessing she has been these near three weeks!  God has richly blessed me with God-fearing, generous, hospitable and selfless parents who always go above and beyond.  I'm so grateful my Dad was able to make two short and sweet visits in the midst of his busy work schedule.  Our kids will miss their "Babushka" and "Dedushka" Meadows!  Looking forward to Babushka and Dedushka Merida in a couple weeks!  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Tony snapped another picture of James casting his reel and rod in our side yard this morning at 8 AM!
Then, we had a photographer come shortly after 8 AM to take a couple family pictures for a Cancer Society Charity project.  I'm unclear on the details but from what I understand we will be posted on June 2010.  These are some shots my Mom and Amy caught on our camera.  Thankfully, the photographer can work her own magic!

The kids did really well for our photo op early in the morning!  After breakfast I introduced them to Monday morning chores.  It is so fun to see the joy they took in working, as well as the passion they put into it.  I hope this never wears off!  As Tony preached this past Sunday on this very topic: "We were created to work for the glory of God."  They helped me sweep, mop, vacuum, dust and even took turns keeping Titus company outside (he goes crazy around mops and vacuums).  We had fun and worked up an appetite by 10:30 AM.  

After a snack, we danced around to a little music.  When I noticed some antagonizing begin to take place due to a little down time it was time for an activity!  So off to church to join Tony (a.k.a. Papa) for lunch at the Oasis.  This was great fun!  Pork chops, Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Corn Bread, beans and brownies was a big success.  When we got home shortly after 1 PM there were no complaints about quiet time.  In fact, all three girls took a nap!  James worked quietly on puzzles.  I did a little work and got a 20 minute power nap myself.  It was wonderful!

This evening, I got an hour and forty five minute getaway to our Women on Mission meeting.  It was sweet and refreshing to fellowship with the ladies on the leadership team.  We talked for a solid 25 minutes about our adjustment and how the kids were doing.  I told them they were my therapy - ha ha!  No, we had a good time celebrating what God has done and is doing.  God is so good!  

The kids all ran to greet me upon my return.  Then the girls especially showed off their own individual packs of gum the Ponders brought by with dinner.  (Deanna, I have a bone to pick with you!  Just kidding!  You and Denise Morton!  Denise brought glitter hair gel - it was an accident... she thought it was hand cream.  It has made my pillows throughout the house quite sparkly... :)  We have been overwhelmingly blessed with incredible meals and gifts!  Thanks to all of you for your incredible generosity!  It has been a blessing beyond words!  Your prayers have been felt and we continue to covet them as we walk this journey!  May our Great God make His Name great!


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Ours love the chores as well, especially Aizley. Hey, if it works, right?! Keep up the good work. You two have one beautiful family.

Elsie Hall said...

Kim-I'm loving the entertaining stories about your children! The toilet paper in the trash can thing reminded me of my trip to Mexico--It's amazing how much we take for granted--like flushing paper down the toilet! Poor Victoria! I am dreading shots next year with Aiden. It's so traumatic for them!